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Latitude’s Mapping Portal offers a simple, cost-effective online tool to pull down basic planning application maps, dxf/dwg CAD compatible map data, 1m/2m and 5m height vector data, BaSEMAP (largescale map and height data combined), aerial photography data, JBA Flood data, Ordnance Survey mid and small scale map data and Ordnance Survey’s Address Layer 2 (AL2) product. Registration for the site is free and instantaneous.

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If you'd prefer not to register on our site, please give our team a call and we'll talk you through your options.

Products available from the Latitude Mapping Portal

1. Planning application map files 1:2500/ 1:1250/ 1:500/ 1:200 (pdf/ tiff/ doc)

Unlike other systems, we have included a simple tool for highlighting your boundaries in red or blue(with a single click) before purchase so no more hunting for felt tip pens. The plans are available in several formats including pdf and tiff and as well as being printed, can therefore also be uploaded as an image attachment into the Planning Portal as part of an online application.

2. Latitude VectorMap 1:2500/ 1:1250 (dxf/dwg)

Latitude’s Mapping Portal also offers Ordnance Survey 1:1250 and 1:2500 survey scale map data in CAD/ GIS compatible vector formats such as dxf/ dwg/ shapefile. This product is derived from OS MasterMap and allows users to add or remove their own data layers ahead of printing or uploading. Software packages such as AutoCAD®/ Microstation or Vectorworks are required to use this type of data.


Ordnance Survey MasterMap data (1:1250/ 1:2500 survey scale) and LiDAR building/ terrain height data combined in a single file . The data is supplied in a GIS compatible shape file format but can be converted to dxf/ dwg using AutoCAD® Map 3D.

4. LiDAR Height data

Highly accurate LiDAR height information available as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM or Digital Surface Model (DSM). The data can be supplied in CAD compatible formats such as dxf/ dwg or GIS formats such as ASCI Grid.

5. 5m Height data

Full country coverage of 5m point height information that can be loaded into CAD or GIS software to produce 3D models and line contours.

6. Aerial Photography data

Coverage for England at 25cm. Coverage for most major cities in England at 12.5cm.

7. OS Mid-scale

OS 10k Streetview showing roads and buildings as blocks. Ideal for context and backdrop map data. Available as JPEG or GeoTIFF.

8. OS Small-scales

OS 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:250k OS map data available as site-centred sections in JPEG or GeoTIFF formats.

9. OS Address Layer 2 (AL2)

Ordnance Survey’s latest address dataset for use in GIS/ CAD. The data is supplied in ESRI shapefile

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