Planning maps

Planning Maps

View and print planning maps via our simple step-by-step process. Registration is free and instantaneous. We offere a full range of scales (1:200/1:500/1:1250/1:2500) with prices starting at £9.00 + VAT. Available as pdf/tiff or doc files.

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If you'd prefer not to register on our site, please give our team a call and we'll talk you through your options.

When you are extending your home or carrying out small building projects you will need detailed mapping of your property or site to submit to the planning authorities.

Up to six copies of both block plans (1:200/1:500 scale) and location mapping (1:1250/1:2500 scale) may be required when applying for planning permission. Your local planning authority will advise you on the scale and number of copies required for planning and building control regulations.

The Latitude Mapping portal has been designed to make your life easier.

  • The ability to view before purchase
  • Peace of mind that your map is up-to-date with the correct licensing
  • The ability to highlight site boundaries in red or blue before purchase
  • The ability to annotate the data online without the need for additional software
  • Maps are supplied as a word doc, pdf or tiff ready to be either printed or uploaded to the Planning Portal as part of an electronic application.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Support from our specialist support team

The plans are avaiable in monochrome or colour and as pdf/tif or doc files.

All maps are supplied under Ordnance Survey’s IBU (Internal Business Use) Licence. After the year passes the map file must be deleted from all systems and any further copying is strictly prohibited unless you have a valid OS Paper Map Copying Licence. All OS maps/ plans purchased from both our Latitude Mapping Portal or via our offices are current and in copyright.

Bespoke map leaflet


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